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The Italian company, GWC Srl, founded four years ago, has now expanded into the US market with its own storage facility in the area of Cleveland OH. This expansion has led to the registering of a US company, GWC-USA Inc. in order to be able to better serve all its US customers.

GWC deals in plastic spools of various sorts and sizes as well as offering a complete range of wire baskets generally used with welding wire, from 12” to 17” in the various designs that the European market offers.

This stock means that any quantity can be supplied, from a single skid to a full truckload, maximum quality at a competitive price.

Wire baskets are becoming more popular in the US market for use with welding wire and up to now it has not always been easy to obtain them - larger companies may often manufacture their own, but smaller operations have in the past been obliged sometimes to import a full container load from Europe, meaning a large investment up front when their usage is still limited to small quantities.

This is particularly the case when it comes to sub-arc welding wire, still popular on coils with a carton or steel line and ties, but with a definite tendency to move over to the simpler large 17” wire baskets. Up to now these have not been manufactured in the US, so GWC can offer a vital service to any operation that is contemplating a move to this form of package.

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